Unmistakably Cadillac

@cdaquila Carolyn, after much searching, I’ve accidentally found a car that I think would be perfect for you. If not for you, than certainly for me, but my wife would kill me. To me, this represents a good example of the American Automobile Industry at its finest. It’s not currently advertised for sale, but for the right price, anything is for sale. Could the 1957 Eldorado be the definitive Cadillac? | Hemmings

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I would not want to try and park that boat in NYC!

57, absolutely not. 59 is the best ever.


The biggest problem with the 59 was people hijacking the tail lights for making custom tail lights on other vehicles.

Hemming’s has a running/driving hardtop for $50,000 with a nicer looking one for $85,000. A red convertible has an asking of $145,000.

When I was a kid a friend of my dad had one of those, except in a paler shade of baby blue. Even for then it was a huge car. Today it would seem unbelievable.

I just don’t think that is a vehicle Carolyn might want .

That’s a car that anyone would want! Bigger than most garages of the time and a hood that’s chest high to a grown man.

Seriously I once had the pleasure of driving a 57 Coupe DeVille. A beautiful car, but with a large turning radius and slow-ratio steering it’s as cumbersome as a school bus on today’s city streets.

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It would be perfect for her: distinctive, flamboyant, luxurious, beautiful. Just look at that instrument panel. Plus the sound of induction from those two four barrel carburetors when you floor the gas. A symphony for the senses. ( I may need to become an advertising copywriter).


I don’t know if Carolyn wants it, but I’m sold.


John, is it a good thing that you and I are starting to have the same taste in cars?

Sure! Who doesn’t like an old Mopar? Or a huge classic Caddy? What’s not to like?

That Caddy is a beautiful car, but here’s where you got me:

“the sound of induction from those two four barrel carburetors when you floor the gas”

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Have to agree with that one.

I will take a '71 hemi 'cuda please!

It’s totally intoxicating. Almost as much as the sound of a 1960 Chryler 300 F when you floor it at 70mph and the Torqueflite downshifts to second and the two Carter AFB’s start sucking in a lot of air.

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My dad always talked about his dream car. Tri-power (I believe that’s what they called the setup with the triple 2 barrels) GTO. Just something he fell in love with when he was younger. There’s something to be said for overkill (and flamboyance even). It’s attractive. Even if it’s not efficient or practical by today’s standards.

I’m actually out in my shop tonight working on a 2 man chainsaw that I came across years ago in an abandoned house. I’ll absolutely never use it. It weighs at least 50 lbs., and today’s stuff is so much more efficient. But it’s a friggin’ chainsaw that you have to have 2 guys to run! It’s time is gone, but it was the baddest of the bad years ago. So it is appealing to me just for that fact. I’m planning on getting it running just to get it running. I probably won’t sell it or use it…but it just ought to be preserved in running condition because it’s a big honkin chainsaw that you have to have two people to operate.

Something that you’d actually want to use for fun like the Caddy is even better. I’ve got a feeling this boat anchor chainsaw won’t be any fun, albeit interesting.

I’ve always had a soft spot for that old Buick muscle car with the 455. GSX? It’s a Buick with a 455! Not the fastest, maybe not impressive by today’s standards…but it’s a Buick with a 455 :laughing:

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You’re restoring that old chainsaw for the same reason i keep a 1920’s vintage rotary phone in good running order, a 1916 ceiling fan in my bedroom, and other “old junk” (as my wife refers to it). At least with my 10 (maybe it’s 12) turntables, when there are no more record players in the world, if someone wants to play a record, they’ll have to come see me!

Restoring it for the mere fact that they don’t make them anymore (for better i think in the two man chainsaw case, or worse in some cases). But I suppose that’s how it was done back then if you were serious. It’s a monster. No way I’d grab hold of the handle on the tip of the bar. It’s like a lawnmower engine with a chainsaw bar lol. But, hey, it was the Cadillac chainsaw back then. Swatting flies with a sledgehammer is fun lol.

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does it look like this…

McCulloch | 5-49 (Two Man) (thisoldchainsaw.com)

Hey, @old_mopar_guy thanks for the tip. I’m so glad “exuberance” and “unfettered ostentation” made you think of me. These tail fins would look pretty sweet flying down interstate 89, but only in the summer. Driving that thing around now in salt and sand would be an act of aggression to the car. :wink:

@Barkydog about a year and a half ago I left NYC and I live up in northwesternish New Hampshire. This will fit in just fine in the parking spaces that all seem to be drawn for giant pickups.