2006 Honda Civic Sdn - Power steering fluid

I have a 2006 honda civic. When I turn on my car and turn the steering wheel it feels stiff, hard to turn. I’ve check the power steering fluid and filled it up. Once I filled it up, the steering wheel started working finely. Then the next day when I turned on my car to drive it, the steering wheel again felt stiff. I checked the power steering fluid and noticed that the tank was empty. I was filled to the upper level the day before and now its empty. I don’t see any signs of leakage on the street and I had only driven the car for less then 10minutes after filling the power steering fluid. Just wondering what could it be. Can there be a leak somewhere else that I’m not seeing?

Yes there is a leak. It ismprobably filling up the rack bellows. If you keep adding, you will eventually burst the bellows and fluid will be everywhere!

Time to take it to a shop before you destroy the power steering pump.


Do you have an idea of how much this would cost to repair?

If you are in the US, look here:

Anywhere else, pick up the phone and call around.