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Car drinks power steering fluid

2001 chevy malibu I have checked the power steering pump, did a once over on the hose and couldn’t find why it is drinking power steering fluid. Any ideas would be helpful.

At least ps fluid only leaks out onto the ground, not into other areas of the engine. It must be either at a hose or the pump or the steering rack. How fast does it leak?

I’m not sure what kinds of ideas you’re looking for. Power steering fluid doesn’t get used up, so if the car is “drinking it” then it is leaking. If you can’t find any visible signs of a leak then the fluid is probably currently being held in the steering rack boots. In that case, you are headed for a new steering rack.

I have to fill the reservoir about once a week.

If you have the ability to get under the car, check the steering boots (as cigroller said). Crank the steering wheel all the way one way, and you should be able to reach in from one side or the other and get your hand on the steering boot. Squeeze it, and see if it feels full of fluid, or even if you see fuild there. Check both sides.

If there’s fluid in the boot(s), get ready for a new rack. If there’s not, then you’re missing a leak. It’s there…you just haven’t found it (as texases said).

Will do folks, thanks for the tips.

You might also try one of the power steering ‘stop leak’ products. If you have a bad seal, it may slow down the leak or even stop it. If you have a leaky hose or pressure fitting though, it won’t help.