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Unexpected barriers?

I heard last night on the local news that the city of St. Louis is closing parks by putting metal barriers across roadways. But some drivers who are used to cutting through the parks have been hitting the barriers because they’re not expecting them. What?

Agin back to distracted driving.

Then they should get laughed at and mocked for not paying attention. You shouldn’t be cutting through a park where children are (normally) playing anyway.


Yeah, they must not be paying attention. On my way to work earlier today there was a utility truck parked in my lane. I wasn’t expecting a truck to be parked in my lane but somehow I managed to avoid hitting it. Go figure. We may not have Florida Man but we have our share of nut cases.

In his defense or defence depending on where you are, when I worked I used to have about 15 different routes to get out of town depending on snow or traffic. I don’t think they involved a park but a college campus, mortuary, and shopping center. Some stuff you just don’t expect but I never hit anything or anyone-alive anyway.