Rattling Vibrating Noise Rear of Car


Have a rattling/vibrating noise somewhere in rear…hard to tell whether from right side or left side…seems to start when car has been on road for few minutes and noise only stops when breaks are applied…dealorship cannot find noise but getting nervous because it seems to be getting even louder…do not seem to hear it at high speeds but think this is because road noise muffles it…car is a SUV with 93K on it…Will be very thankful for any advice anyone can give me…thanks!


Have someone else check it. Have them check the exhaust system. Heat shields, hangers etc. are common sources of rattles. Also check your trunk. Take out the spare tyre, tools, jack and anything else in that area.


If the noise goes away EVERY time you step on the brakes, it almost has to be in the brakes or the rear wheel hubs. A bad wheel bearing, perhaps? Or something loose in the rear brakes? Could it be the wear indicator for the rear brake pads?