Uncomfortable car seat for my mom

My mom had to replace a beloved Volvo S20 and has a pretty new Honda Civic - I’m a long time Civic owner. She is adjusting (she’s in her early 80’s); she is having trouble getting in and out and bunching clothes, not static, just bunching. Anybody have any suggestions on what to cover the seat with?

My 77yr old father would have a extremely hard time getting in and out of a Civic,bunching clothes would not factor in,these cars are hard to get in and out.

Getting in and out of any low car can be a bit of a problem for those with less mobility. Finding a car with higher seats could be helpful. As for making the seats less sticky (I assume that is the immediate problem) I don’t know of anything I would consider putting on it. Maybe some fabric protector.

It sound like the car is bad choice for the driver.

If the car is new used you may be able to exchange it for a new/used Subaru Forester or Honda CRV where the seat height/egress is significantly better for the driver.

My grandmother and her friends loved the Forester for the in/out beyond the great traction capabilities in incliment weather.

In my 1998 civic I use cheap one piece seat covers from Walmart. Pick a texture and color she likes. I like the grey ones with a smooth texture. When they start to look dingy, I just replace them. They don’t hold up to the washing machine on a gentle cycle and I only have to replace them once every couple years.

Is it a cloth or leather seat?

The seat is cloth. She doesn’t have so much of a problem with the height, although that contributes. I think we’re going to experiment w/ different materials and then see if that helps.

I’m also gonna note that a Civic sits too low for a lot of people, myself included, I own a 99 coupe.
Something that sits a bit higher might not bunch clothes up as bad as having to climb out of the vehicle would.

Bunching clothes sounds like a dress or skirt. Try wearing slacks. The best solution to the problem is to get rid of the Civic, but it will cost thousands, since your mother bought it new. I’d change clothes, myself. But if she wants to try seat covers, they are available. Do a web search for ‘civic seat covers’ and get an idea what is available.

Aha! Finally a subject I know something about!

I had a problem in the winter with clothing (specifically coats) bunching up and making my Scion uncomfortable. The solution was to get shorter coats.

Another solution is to get coats that have slippery outsides, like ski jackets. They don’t have as much of a tendency to bunch up.