Car for transporting my elderly parents

I need a car with plenty of headroom and a seat height where my father won’t have to bend down very much. My Element is perfect for this, except that it’s impossible for my other parent to get in the back seat. Does anyone have some ideas?

A minivan would probably be perfect since it would have sliding doors on both sides. I also hear that the seat height of the PT Cruiser makes it popular for those with mobility problems.

If you have any need for AWD a Subaru Forester is beyond popular with older set. I think it has an optimal seat height for them.

This sounds like a job for a minivan. Sliding doors and chair-like rear seats.

I have a friend with similar problems. They have a Dodge minivan and had a Neon as well. The Neon became impossible to get into, and they only kept the minivan since it is near perfect.

How about a CR-V, Highlander, or Forester?

Or a Rav-4.

The new Nissan Cube might work.

I think they would still have problems with access to the back seats. These aren’t that different from the OP’s Honda Element in that regard.

My only comment is to make sure that your likely riders are included in a test drive befor yoy decide. what is comfortable for one person may be bad for another.

The Element has that half-door clamshell back door, so it’s not quite as convenient as a regular 4-door.

Hmm…I was thinking “Rav-4” and typed “Highlander”…better look for a loose connection somewhere…

Or the Scion xB.

I know a lot of people here recommend a minivan, but my grandmother had trouble entering and exiting our old Sienna. I’d say to get a small SUV like the Venza, RAV4, or CRV.

I agree. This would be the best solution, and would probably make your parents happy that you’d include them in the process

I suggest you consider a minivan with power sliding doors. The front seats should have power height adjustment. You could carry a step stool to help the back seat rider enter a captain’s chair.