2009 Honda Civic front seat is too difficult to move for 80+ woman

Does anyone know of an assistive device for the front seat of Civic LX so my friend does not become a pretzel when entering and exiting her new blue Honda? The two bars are that need to be compressed to release the seat are just too much for older hands…


That really is too bad. I think the car is not appropriate for her needs.

She may want to try another larger car with better egress and possibly power seat. Test drive many.

I agree. The car probably isn’t right for her. I would suggest the Ford Taurus (new body style) the interior is very roomy, the seats are at such a height that it’s easy to get in and out off, plus the option of a power-operated driver?s seat is available. The Mercury Grand Marquis is also a perennial favorite of the “mature” crowd.

I have to agree. She should get a car with power seats.

Perhaps she should also upgrade to a car-based SUV. I was first thinking that you could adjust the seat while nobody is sitting in it and that would solve your problem. However, I realize that she wants the seat far back so she can get in and then slide the seat forward.

This brings up another question. If she doesn’t have the hand strength to lift the seat lever, does she have the hand strength to wrestle with the steering wheel during a tire blow-out? What about the hand strength to steer the car around a hazard like a child who has run out into the road? Perhaps it is time for her to stop driving.

Hey Guys-
She has the car. She likes everything about the car except the seat. Again, I’m looking for an assistive device. These seats have been around for awhile. Someone must have solved this problem before…

To which problem are you referring? From where I sit there are two problems:

  1. She has to move the seat in order to get in and be seated properly to drive.
  2. She doesn’t have the hand strength to pull the handle to get the seat to move.

Some possible solutions to both problems are:

  1. Get a car with electric seats. An electric seat [b]is[/b] an assistive device.
  2. Get a vehicle she can enter and exit without having to move the seat.
  3. Stop driving.

If we could think of a better idea, we would be happy to offer it. We don’t withhold solutions here.

One reason nobody has a solution is that seats are a major part of the car’s safety system, and fooling around with them can cause problems. So I take it there’s no compromise position, OK but not great for driving, but still OK but not great for gettting in and out?

One idea - find an electric seat from a junked (totaled) late model Civic, see if it can be retrofitted. -nevermind, no Civics have power seats.

The best way to adapt, given that she doesn’t want to buy a different car ;
Help her get the seat adjusted right where she needs it to drive,
Leave it there.
Learn to get in and out without moving the seat again.
If you or anyone else uses the car, don’t move her seat.

To be fair, most 80+ people have problems bending their knees and hips, and she probably can’t get into the car without moving the seat.

Then, as stressed by everyone else here, it’s time for a different car with this specification being a deal breaker.
Do not settle for less. Do not buy a vehicle that does not meet these minimum needs.

Perhaps she should also upgrade to a car-based SUV.

There are two people who shouldn’t be driving ANY SUV…Teenagers…and Senior Citizens.

I concur with everyone else about getting power seats. There are PLENTY of cars available today with power seats. If she likes the Civic…have her look at the Accord with power seats…or the Camry

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Since no one else is suggesting it, you might want to check and make sure that the seat release isn’t entangled with a chunk of paper or plastic that it making it more difficult to move than normal.

Other than that, take it to a real mechanic. Perhaps he can come up with something that will provide increased leverage or otherwise require less force and/or move the location of the release to someplace less inconvenient – a physically longer release lever perhaps.

CCoastJim, this looks interesting…


see ‘turning automotive seating’

also…top of THIS PAGE…‘actual car information’ header.
scroll down to 'special needs zone’
then 'questions and answers, driving with mobility challenges’
Lots of related links for us there. :slight_smile:

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