Unblinking blinkers

I have two questions. First, I have a 1997 Dodge Caravan with only 53k miles. It is a wheelchair van that had the floor lowered when new. My problem is the blinkers (or turn signals) only work when they feel like it. I realize it must be a bad wire somewhere in the steering column, but before I have someone tear apart the steering column just hoping to find the problem, has anyone had this problem?

Secondly, the headlights in this van as with I guess all '97’s, are frosted. Someone told me there might be a recall from the mfg of the lens. Dodge denies any recall. Anyone have this problem and will the adv. lens cleaner work?

I would suspect the flasher unit first for this kind of trouble. As for the headlights, if the trouble is on the outside surface you can get products that will renew the lens surface and make the lighting better.