Unable to push gas pedal at all

Hi everyone,

I have a Honda Civic Ex 1998,2 door. It was sitting idle for 4-5 months in front of my house. So battery died and replaced it with a new one. Though I could start my car I am not able to push the gas pedal at all. The car could run with a speed of 1-2mph in the D4 gear, but I could not accelerate it at all as I was unable to push the gas pedal.

The pedal doesn’t push ? ( stuck )
pushing the pedal does nothing ?

Years ago I left the air filter intake hose off resulting in a “no response” when pushing the gas pedal.
Why ?
Because the air flow sensor was disconnected along with that intake hose so it received no signal difference despite pushing the pedal…just idle speed even in gear.

Check the throttle linkage and the cable. There may be some physical obstruction preventing the mechanism from moving.

Or is there, perhaps, something stuck under the pedal?

Since it was sitting idle for 4-5 months, it’s also possible that some critter built a residence in the induction system at the throttle body assembly, jamming the T-body. Critters have been known to chew through filters and get well into places where they feel safe from predators. I think you need to pop the hood and take a good look at what’s going on here.