Car won't move

When its cold outside, my 99 Honda Civic will start, but when I put it in drive and push on the gas pedal it won’t move. If I wait for about 20 minutes it will finally move. I’ve taken it several mechanics but no one can figure it out.

Are the wheels spinning on ice? Is the shift lever stuck in park? Gimme a clue…

It doesnt go into gear

If the auto transmission stick says “Check in Neutral” Set parking brake and let it warm in Neutral…until you can get it fixed

Not on ice, live in South. Shift lever not stuck. Will not accelerate when pressing the gas pedal.

I’ll shut up now

Were the mechanics that you took it too able to duplicate the concern?

I’ll assume that this is an automatic transmission. Check out this thread:

Its likely the same thing - clutch piston seals a bit hardened/shrunken. Basically your trans fluid isn’t able to create the pressure needed to move the car. The real solution is a rebuild of the transmission. A temporary solution may be the Berrymans.