Idling Issues

1998 Honda Civic Hatchback

Just started my 1998 Civic hatchback after sitting in my driveway for 8 months. Was not doing this before last year.

Suggestions on cause?

could be anything , bad gas after sitting 8 months. If you let the battery die then it lost all of the operating parameters for the idle. If the throttle body was dirty the computer compensated for that and now those parameters are gone. Eventually it might relearn the paramters or you could try and clean the throttle body .

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I’m not able to listen to the audio. Suggest you describe what the problem is. I had a problem develop with my Corolla that has been laid up due to Covid complications, caused apparently by an accumulation of water in the exhaust system. Idle rpms won’t allow the exhaust system to reach a high enough temperature to totally remove the water. You could try increasing the idle rpm to 1200 or so for 15-20 minutes, combined with pointing the back end of the car downhill, fixed my car’s problem.

Can you describe in words what’s happening? Not everyone can or will open an audio file.

Is it a stock Civic, or modified? Describe mods - they could be a factor here.

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