96 civic

my 96 civic stalls when i put in drive sometimes,problem comes go’s,was told tps sensor or trans control solenoid ?

Do you have a check engine light? Does you gas pedal seem to stick just a little when you first step on it?

check engine came on went off,no sticky gas pedal

I have what I think is the same engine as you. Mine is in a 1998 Civic with a manual transmission.

Back when I had working air conditioner, my engine would sometimes die at idle while running the air. Basically, the idle speed was too low, so every once in a while, I’d clean the throttle assembly, especially around the throttle plate, with some carburetor cleaner.

Remove the air cleaner assembly and follow the instructions on the can of carb cleaner. If the instructions are as I remember them, you start the engine and spray some carb cleaner into the throttle assembly, being careful not to get any on any plastic parts. You might need to operate the throttle by hand or have someone in the car pressing the gas pedal when you do this to keep the engine from dying.

Cleaning your throttle assembly once or twice a year might keep this from happening again, it might be something you remember to do whenever this symptom reappears, or it might be something unrelated. You could have a dirty MAF sensor, a clogged fuel filter (if you haven’t changed yours in a while, it might be a good idea whether it’s causing this or not), or something I haven’t considered.

The problem might be caused from a dirty Idle Air Control valve. http://www.rockauto.com/catalog/moreinfo.php?pk=46699&cc=1168882

The IAC valve steps the idle speed up whenever a load is imposed on the engine. Such as putting the traasmission into gear. Sometimes removing the IAC valve and cleaning it along with the idle air bleed port on the throttle body with THROTTLE BODY cleaner will fix this problem.