Typical problems @ 120,000 mi for 2008 Hyundai Tiburon

Around 120,000 what type of problems are common?

Just like all 13 year old vehicles that will be answered when something breaks . Until then who knows .


2008 Hyundai Tiburon Problems, Defects & Complaints (carcomplaints.com)

The are no typical problems for a 120K mile car. They depend so much on how well the previous owners maintained the car it is impossible to predict “typical.”


I have a 2004 Tiburon GT (6cyl) with over 120,000 miles, that I bought new.

Problems to date:

  1. Drivers side power window failed. Replaced unit.
  2. Cabin fan speed switch getting kinda funky, Waiting until fails.
  3. Fuel injector failed, Replaced
  4. Rear struts wore out.and a rear caliper siezed. Replaced
  5. Passenger seat sensor failed. No effect on airbags so not bothering with
  6. CD player getting funky. Not bothering with.
  7. Signs of corrosion starting at front bottom of rear wheel wells, finish of rubber surround of side windows showing signs of age and spoiler/gills/gas filler door lost their finish… Sand and repaint.

All things a moderately interested person can do in your driveway

Not bad after 17 years, just be sure to keep up with regular maintenance, especially timing belt changes…

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And, in addition to how it has been maintained, the way that a car has been driven has a lot to do with the types of repairs that will crop-up over the years.

Absolutely, maintenance and driving habbits are very important but for this particular car the OP posed a fair question.

When Hyundai first entered the US market they desevedly and quickly earned a reputation for crap, which to their credit they proceeded to address.
The second generation Tiburon, which was a lower production model, addressed many of the issues particularly with the V6 GT model which licensed a tried and true Mitsubish engine design.

For more information on typical problems for specific models the Tiburon Owners site is a great resource…

Consumer Reports doesn’t seem to have any information on typical problems for that model and year. They do list a 2013 recall: “Failure to illuminate the stop lamps during braking or inability to disengage the cruise control could increase the risk of a crash. Additionally, when the ignition is in the ‘ON’ position, the transmission shifter may be able to be moved out of Park without first applying the brake. This may lead to unintentional movement of the car which may increase the risk of a crash.”

This is a good example of the failures of a particular make/model, none of these repairs are related to vehicle maintenance or how the car was driven. To post that it depends on the owners maintenance is misleading, certain vehicles have more failures that are unrelated to maintenance than others. 99% of the repairs I perform have nothing to do with maintenance.

Can’t speak to that particular vehicle, but around 120K miles vehicles, which both my own vehicles exceed, at that mileage they’ll often show signs of wear in all the moving parts other than the engine & trans (provided those latter two have been maintained properly).

  • Brake parts, all the wheels, and including emergency brake lever & cable
  • Stuff affecting linkages you push on w/your feet, accel pedal, brake pedal, clutch master cylinder, etc.
  • Door lock mechanisms
  • Window up/down mechanisms
  • Hood latch mechanism
  • Windshield wipers
  • Moving parts associated w/cooling system, like radiator fan temperature switches.
  • Electric switches used frequently, such as the ignition switch, brake light switch