2009 Subaru Tribeca #- Known problems

I am looking to buy a 2009 Subaru Tribeca w/ 58,000 are there any know problems with this model?

It is an 11 year old vehicle and they all did not have the same problems . The standard answer here is pay a shop to inspect the vehicle to see if there are any current things wrong. That is not going to guarantee you will not have problems but it does put the odds in your favor. . Besides the problems may have been fixed .


Statistically, power train, brakes, electrical, and engine/cooling system. 2009 Subaru Tribeca - Problems, Statistics, and Analysis That specific vehicle will probably have its own unique issues. Among other things, it’s only been driven about 5,000 miles a year so it’s spent a lot of time sitting or making short trips. Neither is particularly good for a vehicle.

At 12 y.o. there is no substitute for having it inspected by a mechanic.
There is no way we can tell what’s what, sight unseen.
Personally, I wouldn’t touch a Subaru that’s out of warranty.

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A mechanic familiar with Subaru’s should give the Tribeca a once over, it’s the same as a H6 Outback just with a 3rd row. How well it’s been maintained is what i’d focus on.

My H6 2001 Outback was bulletproof for the 100k+ miles that I owned it, and my H6 2011 Outback has been bulletproof so far. As of today, it has 109k+ miles on the odometer, and the only repair that it has needed over the past 10 years was the replacement of its WW reservoir–under warranty. But, I maintain my vehicles properly…

The OP needs to have this Tribeca inspected by a qualified mechanic (translation: not by the folks at Firestone, Pep Boys, Sears, Midas, Meineke, Monro, or any other chain/franchise operation.)

If a competent mechanic can verify that it has been properly-maintained and is not in need of imminent repairs, then it is probably a decent candidate for purchase.


Is name a Manhattan reference? If so, why?
No Subaru’s allowed in Manhattan.

Tribeca is a trendy neighborhood in Manhattan, so… why not?

lucky you :slight_smile:
6-cylinder design…
before the last wave of “gadgets” additions…
I would hold to that Subaru for few more years.

So, is 09 better? Worse? Same? OPs selection has low miles. Which can be a red flag. Or not.

You’d need compare it to a similar year H6 Outback, just because they really didn’t sell all that many, Best year ever was 2006.Data from Goodcarbadcar.net. Mileage is low per year but not unusual. We just don’t know how well it was maintained.


Year sold
2005 14,797
2006 18,614
2007 16,790
2008 10,975
2009 5,930
2010 2,572
2011 2,791
2012 2,252
2013 1,598
2014 732