2005 Toyota Scion - Long term issues

what kind of problems can i expect after 190,000 miles and is it worth keeping. thanks

You can expect all of them… Flip answer, I know, but once a any car gets up to that lofty amount of mileage, any and all things can finally fail at random times. Expect the unexpected.

Nothing has an infinite life but a well maintained Toyota should go at least 200K and may go well into the 300,000’s but not without spending significant money.

Maintenance history and environmental exposure can affect a car’s life in ways no one can predict. A 70K mile, 14 year old car can rust in half if it lived in central Ohio its entire life. A 400K mile, 14 year old car in Arizona may have the paint, rubber and interior burned to a crisp. It just depends.

I don’t have a Crystal Ball but Mustang is correct . There is no way to predict what may fail and only you can decide to keep the vehicle or replace. If it looks OK and drives decent you could just keep going until it fails then decide if you want to money in it.

Keep driving and maintaining, be ready to replace if/when an expensive item (engine, transmission) fails. But if you want/need guaranteed reliability, I’d replace it sooner than that.

This is a very difficult question to answer unless you are willing to disclose this vehicle’s complete maintenance record, but even with perfect maintenance, sudden catastrophic failures are always possible–with any make of vehicle–when you approach the realm of 200k miles.