2003 Haonda Accord Automactic Transmission Oil Change


What size wrench do you need to loosen the transmission bolt drain plug on a 03’ Accord V6, automatic.

Also, I believe there is an internal filter that does not get replaced, you only replace the oil.

You fill it up where the dip stick is, corret?



Go to the Honda dealer and buy 3 quarts of Honda transmission oil and a gasket for the drain plug. I did this recently and it cost about $22.00.
Make sure you buy Honda ATF. Do not substitute a generic fluid.

I maintain 5 different cars, so my recollection is hazy.   I think the drain plug had a 1/2" square hole, so a 1/2" ratchet fits directly on it.   Double check me on this.   

The filter is not replaceable. Just refill through the dipstick hole. It should take a little less than the 3 quarts.


Thank you for the quick and helpful response.


the first poster said it correctly. I have a 2004 accord (4 cyl) and changed it twice. It uses a hex wrench or hex bit. I forget the size too but 1/2 or 9/16 is about right (you’ll have it if you have the hex socket set or hex wrench set). I’ve used honda trans fluid ATF-Z1 stuff from the dealer but castrol just came out with an import version for hondas/toyotas/nissans. I’m going to change my camry this weekend with the castrol fluid. I’ve changed it twice with Toyota ATF-IV on the others but I feel confident castrol has good stuff and it’s a little cheaper and less hastle getting to the dealer.