Two odd sounds(1989 Honda Accord)

These thread is going to cover to completely different sounds coming from different places on the car (an '89 Honda Accord SE-i), just figured I would keep things together to keep it simple.

First, every so often when i’m driving i’ll hear a “thoing” vibrating-like sound occur and i’ll feel it through the floor. It sounds like something in the front suspension but I don’t know what. It happens every couple of minutes and doesn’t happen every time I hit a bump, but it usually happens more when i’m turning.

Second, when I get to above about 30 mph I hear this light fast-paced clicking noise coming from under my dash that is continuous for the entire time i’m driving.

Are these things to worry about and what could they be and how do I fix them?

I believe CV-Joints click when they are going out. My accord is an 87 and the previous owner described this to me, both CVs in my car are nearly new. Don’t know about the other sound. Ask Rocketman, he also drives an old honda and might be able to help.

Clicking sounds coming from the fronst suspenson are typical CV joint noises, and you will likely need one or two of them.

Your clicking in the dash is probably your speedo cable/ or just the speedo. If it’s not coming from the instrument cluster but more from the dash it’s probably the cable… I drive an 89 Civic Wagovan, had the same problem with my speedo cable…

The “Thoing” is probably the heat-shields on the cat. (If you have any left these days). I used to get it when I made a hard turn and the transmission moved around slightly…

I had a CV joint replaced early last year and the sound is coming from under the dashboard, not the suspension. The “thoing” sound is the one coming from the suspension area and I suppose there is the possibility that could a CV joint.

The thoing sound might be coming from a broken strut spring. I’ve replaced many broken springs on this vintage of Hondas

I agree, the clicking sound from the dash is either a speedo cable or speedo head.


How important is it to get a broken strut spring fixed and about how much do you think it would cost?

Not disagreeing with Tester, but the CV joint boots are right at the end of their life and if they aren’t bad, they should be replaced or the CV joints will be bad shortly. Once they split, the life of the joint can be measured in days. If you keep good boots on and good clean grease inside, they can last for the life of the car.

I have an 89 Accord DX with over 440,000 miles. The second noise sounds like the speedometer cable . . . is the SE-i digital dash? Mine still isn’t and has a cable, which needs to be lubricated once in a while. Not hard, just involves taking the cable off the rear of the dash from underneath or removing the dash frontwards, I’ve done it both ways. The first noise is more of a worry to me . . get it up on a rack with a mechanic who works on Honda cars. The suspension has bushings and joints which can and do fail . . . and this could be deadly. Not all that expensive to change these things . . . but I wouldn’t drive it until I had someone check it out. Rocketman

One more thing . . . even if the “thoing” noise isn’t dangerous, continued driving will ruin this part and might take something else with it (hopefully not YOU!) broken springs . . struts . . . joints . . . whatever can be replaced relatively easily. But a failing suspension part will eventually fail completely, may collapse that part of the suspension and cause major damage. Don’t speculate on this one . . . get it up on a rack and have it checked! Rocketman