2002 Honda Accord

I have a 2002 Honda Accord EX V6 Coupe with 116,000 miles. I have always done the required maintenance on it and have kept it in generally great condition. I?ve been getting this clicking sound coming from what sounds like the rear of the car and I only hear it when I slow down. My cousin is a mechanic and he told me it could be dry brakes and that it was an easy fix. I thought that was feasible as the sound would more or less go away when it was wet. He fixed the brakes and that worked for a little while. Then I went in for new brakes and rotors and I could still hear the noise. I?ve also had bar joints replaced in the front. I?ve been driving around with that noise and it doesn?t do it all the time. It doesn?t seem to be hurting the car and I think it?s just getting old. What do you guys think? I appreciate your time. Thank you.

DM, Does The Frequency Of Clicking Change With The Speed Of The Car ? Is The Clicking Present When The Car Stops Moving?

If the clicking is present when you are stopped does it quit when you turn off the car ?

Do you think you only hear it when you drive slowly because the clicking sound is drowned out by road noise when you go faster ?

Has either your cousin or a mechanic where the brakes were done heard the noise or are they just going by what you say ?

The tires were inspected for stones, nails, and screws, right ?