Turned the key while car was running. Car now will not start

So yeah, it initially made a clicking noise when I made the error of turning the key in the ignition while the was already running(parked). DOH! I shut the car off and upon trying to start the car, the clicking persists and the car will not start.

I realize that something like this can cause damage and just want to know what to expect if I am going to call a local shop for a fix.

P.S. it’s a 2014 Honda Civic if that’s any help =)

Nothing should happen on a modern car. There are safety features built into vehicles to detect if the engine is running and if the key is turned it won’t engage the starter.

The clicking sounds like a dead battery.


Mine grinds a lot when starting an already started engine. Its a 2012 Corolla and it scares me to hell when it does that.I am hard of hearing so I cannot tell if the engine is on or off, thats my excuse.:smiley:

Oh wow that’s good to know.
When that clicking noise happened, the car was actually still running until I turned it off myself cause I was scared.

So making this error can kill the battery? Unless my car was already near dying which it tends to do cause I accidently drain it from time to time.

I second that excuse :joy:

Do you mean it doesn’t crank with the key in “start” now? You just hear a clicking noise? If so, I expect that incident damaged the starter motor. The starter motor gear may be jammed against the flywheel’s ring gear. Cross your fingers it’s only the starter motor and the ring gear isn’t damaged. Best to have it towed to the shop. Tell the tow operator what happened, they’ll know the best towing method for that situation. This could be a battery or connection problem, but given the sequence of events, I’m guessing otherwise. Continued start attempts could make the problem worse.

I have done that many years ago’ can’t remember when it started but i seem’s that for many year’s now all vehicles have a tach so if you look you can see weather the engine is running or not.