What kind a engine damage can starting the car while the engine was already runing cost?


I have a 2006 Matrix which runs so quitely that I inadverdently turned the key to start again while the engine was already runing. What kind of damage can it cost? I would assume that there are a lot of people who may have done the same thing.

Thank you so much.


On a 2006 vehicle??? I wouldn’t think it would cause any problem. Every car I’ve owned since 94 wouldn’t let you do it. If you turned the key while the engine was running…NOTHING…It would just continue to run without engaging the starter.

If you car doesn’t have this feature…then the only thing i MIGHT do is kill the starter. There’s a chance it could damage some teeth on the flywheel.


Generally it will just make a grinding sound and scare the bejesus out of you. Worst case it could break a tooth on the flywheel ring gear or the starter gear. That would cause intermittant starting problems.


Thanks so much for your advise! I will watch for a damaged starter a few years down the road.