2006 Accord periodically sluggish starts

Having issues with mostly in town driven sedan re sluggish starts. Replaced battery about a year ago. Seems to be related to fuel delivery? Wife has said pumping the gas pedal a few times prior to start up helps. Ideas anyone?!

What engine and how many miles?

About 77,000 miles and the I-VTEC 4 cylinder.

Automatic. Driven in Fort Collins, CO.

Does this happen when the car has been sitting for a while, like overnight? If so, try this test. Before starting the car, turn the key to the On position for five seconds and turn it back to the Lock position. Repeat this two more times. Then see if the car starts quickly after that. If so, come back here and let us know.


Yes to the above advice. It has worked for my 1999 Honda Civic. For me the problem is especially pronounced when the fuel is very low. The “key dance” pressurizes the fuel system.

Will try, but no, not especially after overnight as I understand it. More in between stops. I will relay to wife and see if that’s helpful and get back to you. Thank you!

When you turn the key to Start does the engine turn over at normal starting speed, but fail to fire up and run?

Do try the key dance. If after doing the key dance you turn the key to Start and the engine is turning over but not firing up and running, keep the starter motor running and hold the accelerator pedal to the floor. Does that get it to start?

If it cranks ok, but just takes a long time to start, that’s often a fuel pressure problem. Pump check valve, etc. If it cranks, but slower than normal – you know that “rrr rr rrr” sound, that’s some kind of electrical problem or the starter motor is on its last legs. Cleaning the battery terminals is the first step.

George, I think it’s probably more of a fuel delivery issue, from the sound of it. One of my co-workers had to have his fuel injection system replaced (under 100,000 mile power train warranty) on a similar model (different year). Wondering if this has been an issue with this engine? We haven’t tried the"key dance" yet.

If you want to try something yourself, clean the fuel system with a bottle of Techron Fuel System Cleaner or Seafoam. Put one bottle in when the tank is near empty and fill it up. If that doesn’t work, consider replacing the fuel filter. Anything else should be analyzed by a mechanic.

I’m not aware of any systematic fuel system problem w/Accords. Your symptom from what you’ve posted is consistent with a fuel pump check valve on the fritz.