Silverado starting issues

I changed plugs on my 01 Chev at 80K. Plugs were as per book from NAPA. Result was, a noticeable increase in power coupled with a slight increase in gas milage. However, the truck is balky at starting now. It always started with but a touch from the key. Now, I have to bump it several times before it catches. I called an auto shop, and lord they wanted over $100 just to diagnose. I asked a friend whose car knowledge is far more than mine, and He said maybe the fuel system is losing its pressure. Anyone have any thoughts or experience with this kind of issue? Thanks

You can test for fuel pressure loss very simply. Turn the key to “ON,” and wait about 5 seconds before turning to “START.” This allows the fuel pump to pressurize the system.

If the vehicle starts right away with this technique, you can assume there is some loss of fuel pressure when the pump is not running. If it makes no difference something else is wrong.

Is the check engine light on?

You’re wrong MC. When you turn the ignition to the run position, the computer only runs the fuel pump for 1-2 seconds and then turns the fuel pump off. If the fuel system is completely drained of fuel, this 1-2 seconds of of fuel pump operation isn’t going to be enough to reprime the fuel system. So waiting five seconds does absolutely nothing.

If you turn the ignition to run position for two seconds and then turn it off, and then repeat this several times, the fuel pump cycles enough times to reprime the fuel system so that the proper fuel pressure is established.


I tried it and it cranked maybe 3 or 4 seconds befor starting. Then after I shut it off and try restarts, the engine barely turns over in starting. PS, no check lights are on and all is operating wonderfully except this starting issue. My real concern is of couse having it hang me out to dry at the most inoportune moment. PSS, I thank you for your reply.

Are you trying to connect the plug change with the extended crank time? or should we ignore the information about the benefits of the plugs or are you trying to say the problem could not be caused by worn out plugs?

In short,why are you telling us about the plug change?

Sorry, this starting issue began immediately after the plug change. In my wildest dreams I couln’t see how the two could be related. However, the coincidence of the plug replacement and subsequent starting issue was kind of hard to swallow. I don’t have a problem spending some $$ for a fix so long as I’m reasonably certain I’m fixing the right thing.