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Turn signal switch on Econoline E150 - replacement

1989 Ford Econoline Van 5.8l

Need help getting the old switch out of the steering column. It won’t fit! Do I need to take the individual wires out of the plastic connector to thread the wires through the steering column? Of course, I could cut off the connector for the old switch unit. But I would still need to thread the new one through the steering column.

Here is what Chilton’s says:
“8. On vans with a tilt column, remove the connector plug before removing the switch from the column. The shift socket opening is not large enough for the plug connector to pass through”.

I’d appreciate any help!

Well, based on this:

The answer is YES, you need to remove the individual wires from the connector. I have a tool for that but a heavy paperclip usually works, too. There is a metal tab on the conductor that needs to be depressed to be able to remove each wire.

Thanks, I will try it tomorrow.

Before you remove the old unit tie a string to it. Then you can use the string to pull the new one through the steering column.


Great idea, thanks!