89 Riviera ignition switch installation



I’m almost to the point of replacing the ignition switch trying to solve a random stalling issue. The switch is mounted on the top of the steering column so the column has to come down to get at it. If the bolts holding it to the dash are removed, will the column just flop down some to get at the switch? The manual is not clear and talks about removing the whole column. If I can just take the four bolts off and drop it down 6", I should be able to access it.


It depends on the model of GM vehicle. Some require just lowering the steering column to replace the switch and some require removal of the steering column. I’d try just lowering the column to see if that gains access to the switch.



Thanks. It flops down after taking out the four bolts. Swapped the breaker and relay just for kicks, hooked up the test light to the fuel prime connection, and went for a ride. Took a while but it stalled and the fuel pump light was still on and the dash lights, warning lights, etc. were still on. Didn’t want to start again but after a few minutes it did and stalled again in the six blocks to home. Pulled the column down and ordered an ignition switch. Looks a little tricky though so will wait and see what the switch looks like. Sheesh.