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Turn signal problem

When pushing up normally the the turn signal handle to turn right, nothing happens -no lights either on the dashboard or the exterior- except I can hear a fast click-click sound (note that emergency lights work and left turning is no problem). If I push up the handle very slowly up and stay halfway, the turning signal works (green lights on the dashboard and exterior signal lights work). If I let the handle go all the way up after that, sometimes the signal lights work, sometimes they don’t. What is the problem? Can I fix it myself? Thank you for your help

Most likely the probelem is in the multi-function switch.

If you look at that turn signal stalk, there’s more than one function on that stalk. All these functions have little wires that run from the stalk to the multi-function switch which is inside the steering column. And if there’s an airbag, you have to know how to disable the airbag before removing the multi-function switch.