Turn signal problem on a 2000 Impala

My sister in law has a 2000 Impala with a set of turn signals that will not work on a random basis. The first 4 or so uses seem to be fine, then the next time she moves the signal, nothing happens. Her mechanic did a repair that cost her nearly $1000.00 but it had no effect on the problem. Any advice?

Tell her find another tech. Preferably a qualified independent one.

What did this mechanic do to charge $1k? Obviously it wasn’t work on the turn signals, a random problem or not.

Even if the steering column had to be partially dismantled to gain access to the turn signal connection it shouldn’t be more then $300.

The signal stalk (Commonly referred to as the multi-function switch lever) must be losing the electrical contact in the steering column. Perhaps the contact is simply dirty.

Sometimes you can get lucky and spray an electrical contact cleaner into the small opening at the base of the lever while working the lever back and forth.

The vehicle is a 2000 so I’d doubt the signal stalk is worn out.