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Impala turn signals don't work

I have a 2002 Impala with 137000 miles. about a month ago I noticed my turn signals stoipped working, this is an intermitant problem; when it occurs both turn signals stop working but the emergency flashers work. They start working again, usually when I turn the ignition off then back on. I also hear a slight squeeking noise in the steering column when I turn the wheel. Any ideas what is wrong with the flashers? cost to fix??


there were some problems with the hazard switch on these cars and i suspect that could be the problem of course with out seeing it for myself i can make no promises but i have replaced several of these for the no turn signal problem.

These things are usually simple to fix, a DIY project. About the only things that go wrong (unless someone installed a new gadget and screwed up the wiring) are the fuse, the bulbs, the relay, and the multifunction switch.

  1. I once restored dead turn signals just by wiggling the fuse. Check fuse.

  2. If any one bulb is out, all signals may malfunction. Verify bulbs.

  3. The relay needs to be replaced. This is your most likely solution. Replace relay, a $5-$10 item.

  4. If all else fails, suspect the multifunction switch on the steering column. This is unlikely, however.

The slight squeaking noise is probably unrelated to the problem. Good luck.

Steve, thanks, I’ll try 1-3 today