Turn signal - disability

My daughter has limited mobility in her left arm. It is hard for her to reach the turn signal lever. Are there any cars that put the turn signal on the right side of the steering wheel? I know we can get it modified through an adaptive driving place but it would be great to buy a car that already has it on the right side and we are looking to buy right now.
Thank you for ideas

Not available on any cars sold in the US. on the right. People don’t use their turn signals enough as it is. Putting one on the right would be a mess. That is where British and Japanese cars mount them but their steering wheels are on the rignt as well.


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Contact a shop that specializes in modifying cars for the disabled. They might have something for your daughter. A friend and neighbor had her right leg removed to stem bone cancer about 40 years ago. It worked, as you can tell. She lost almost all the leg, though, and has to use her left leg for the accelerator and brake pedal. A shop near us installs a device that allows her to operate the accelerator with a new pedal to the left of the brake. They can probably work something out for your daughter.

Basic controls like placement of the turn signal lever have been standardized for so long that you’re not going to find a car that has it in a different place. You’re going to see to need to get your car modified.