Leg problem with my 2017 Camry LE

I drive left footed due to a disability. I’m 6-7 in height and my right leg falls asleep very easy when I’m driving even short distances. I have the seat way back and I tried to adjust the steering wheel but it has only two positions. This is troubling and we have only 3,000 miles on the car. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Contact a vehicle handicap service to see if they have a solution. Because of liability laws any modification to your vehicle should be done properly.

That’s a tough one OP. No idea how to solve it for this car, but next time you buy a car, suggest to first rent the same model for a week’s trial. Then you’ll at least have an idea whether you’ll have this problem or not.


Do not know if they still make them or not,but I knew a guy back in the 90’s who lost his right leg & his car had a conversion kit on the gas pedal that extended to the left of the brake so he could use his left foot with the oem pedal intact so anyone could drive the car.

This blinded-sided me. Always focused on the height problem and head room and this issue wasn’t really a problem

We have a friend that had her right leg amputated. She has an extension attached to the gas pedal that extends to,the left of the brake pedal,and allows her to drive with her left for rather than her right foot. The conversion should be a easily done at any shop equipped for disability modifications.

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I remember seeing something like this in old J. C. Whitney catalogs and they did not cost anywhere near this much, but then even the gas pedals these days aren’t as simple as they used to be.

This one is adapted for your Camry


The second one is probably more expensive but would be the best choice for safety, especially if there are multiple drivers as only one pedal is active at a time and they cannot be switched mid drive.

One more thing, your Toyota dealer may have a Toyota solution for you that would not endanger your warranty. You might also check with your dealer about doing the install of the kempf unit if they don’t have a Toyota factory approved solution and kempf doesn’t have a local installer.

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Now I have a problem with my hip if I sit too long in the car, and wife has a problem with her back, I would hope a $20 solution like this would help as it has helped us drive on pain free. I also find the slight pressure of the seat belt causes severe discomfort on a long trip so I us a clip or a coin to maintain a little slack in the seat belt. If I were to hazard a guess it is the front of the seat is reducing circulation, and this hopefully will help you as it has helped us.

So is that a actual seat cushion?

Yes, it can be used anywhere, I used it at work for a while after breaking my tailbone, standing on a boat trailer fender in the rain looking to see how I could fix a leak over a fairly flat roof extension from a bathroom expansion. My feet slipped off the fender and my smack dab bottom hit the fender, that was some severe pain for a bit. It can be used anywhere, but it is a staple for us for car rides.

I agree with the comments to have the gas pedal adapted so that it’s on the left side. Also, if you’re sitting on your wallet, take that out of your back pocket.

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Go to Extendmyseat.com, they have seat brackets that will extend your legroom a lot. Not cheap, they are $249.

Talked with my dealer service department and they won’t do any modifications due to liability issues. He said that Toyota strongly discourages this. Thought maybe I could move the tilt telescope steering wheel but I can only move it in two positions. If i could move it higher that might help. Any suggestions or additional suggestions.

I’m not surprised that a dealer won’t touch it. Have you searched for any shops in your area that do this kind of work, and have you contacted vendors of this equipment to see if they deal with anyone near you?

Makes me wonder if you should let your insurance company know if you decide to make modifications.

Car dealers don’t make these kinds of modifications, try a company like Better Life Mobility. They sell and repair handicap conversion vans, install wheel chair lifts and install hand controls. They should be able to provide a solution for your needs.

It shouldn’t be difficult to adapt a brake and throttle control (paddle type) in your Camry.Driving schools already have these as a safety equipment.