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Need help adapting car

I am new…pls help…I need assistive device…can not push in release button on gear release for automatic transmission…no right arm…left arm great…gear shift is in center console. Thank you!

What kind of car do you have? Do you care about the looks of the solution? Do you want to be able to put things back in factory condition at some point in the future?

There are companies that adapt cars for disabled users. Have you contacted any of them to ask how they’d handle this issue?

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You might want to start here.

I tried my center console shift with my left hand, a lot less difficult than I thought.

Exactly. I knew a young lady in the early 1970s who suffered from a right arm below the elbow amputation. She had a very basic prosthetic. She drove a 1966 Corvette Stingray 4 speed without any problems. You may have to shift your butt a bit to reach the button and shift into reverse or drive with the left hand. What exactly is your driving problem?

I wonder if the cable that the button operates can just be disabled so it operates like cars 30 years ago did. I believe the only reason for it is so you can’t go into reverse accidentally. I suppose shifting is the same problem. A right hand drive car would be great or one of the new rotary or push button ones maybe.

I think Keith has the only answer to the OP’s problem. We could make all kinds of worthless guesses about cables, buttons and other things. There should be services that solve things like this on a regular basis.