Need adapter for turnsignal

Can anyone tell me a company that makes adapters for turnsignals? My daughter was born with only four very short fingers on her left hand and has just begun drivers education. She can not hold onto the steering wheel while reaching for the turn signal. We need to enlarge the turnsignal so she can reach it while drigin.

An interesting adaptation puzzle but , alas :frowning: , I don’t cuurently know of a ready-to-go kit.
But for as little adaptation as she needs I’d still start with the fabrication places that do the big stuff like wheel chair lifts, hand controls, lift seats and other mobility access modifications. They’ll have all the ideas and the capability to fabricate from your initial ideas of what you might like to see.

You may need to go to a very big city to find this specialty. This is my problem here in this small town, not enough such business to justify getting into it. Heck, if I lived in a big city, accessability modification is what I’d love to do most.

( I can even envision, maybe ; some foot switches for the left foot to work the turn signals ? ; How about voice control electronics ?)

On this page , scroll up to the banner of headings and click on ’ Actual Car Information’.
In that list , scroll down to 'Special Needs Zone ’ and see if any of those links can service your needs.

Following these links, I see some that might apply.
try; or and look under ‘driving with one hand’. They have voice activation too.

Forget about it. I paralyzed my left arm back in '76 (motorcycle accident) and have driven for over 30 years without problems.

Your daughter will drive numerous cars in her lifetime. The last thing you want to do is to restrict her to ‘handicapped’ models. Far better that she simply learns to cope, just as she has to cope with numerous other challenges in her life.

I don’t mean to sound harsh, but I suspect that the problem is more with you than with her. When I lost the use of my left arm, my Dad wanted to buy me loafers (so I wouldn’t have to tie my shoes) and didn’t think I should drive till he got a ‘spinner’ for the steering wheel. Neither happened.

I wish her the best of luck in her life, and I envy her for having the use of very short fingers.