Turbornator product

What is the story on this product that claims to improve gas milage and horsepower when installed into the air intake of combustion engines?

how much does it cost?

if you send me HALF of that cost, i can save you 50% immediately!

I’m not sure which of the several scams this is… but it is a scam. There have been many posts about this and similar scams.

see http://community.cartalk.com/posts/list/816810.page

and I have a great bridge you can buy.

actually I suspect that most if not all of these posts are by flunkies of the web site trying for free publicity

It’s a metal ring with fixed vanes that you insert in your orifice to help you pass gas.

Worthless, but whatever floats your boat.

I am perfectly capable of passing gas without any prosthetic aids. ;^)

Here are a couple of responses to your question:



Guilty as charged. But it is fun to see snake oil salesmen in action. The reference to the Washington Post may well have been a rehash of their own add in the Post. BTW, it is Turbonator, not Turbornator.

It’s another f***load of motherf***ing bulls***.

Disagree. Combined with my PICC, fuel magnets, hydrogen generator, free flow exhaust, performance chip, zmax, and slick 50 my car gets 2500mpg. (lproctor, do what I am doing, buy stock in these companies cause apparently people believe in this stuff- oh yeah and don’t tell them that slowing down and not accelerating to lights and stops would help more than all those products combined)


I’d buy stock in that PICC, if only the company would put their contact info on their website :stuck_out_tongue:

You have a point there refaller. It would certainly save wear and tear on my f***ing asterisk key to recommend these products.

It doubles your gas mileage if you get mad at it and buy a more fuel efficient car.