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i have a 97 chevy cavalier 2.2L i am running a turbo but i need to know how to connect my boost controller and how to set the psi and also i need to know a safe psi to run it at

did your boost controller not come with a manual?

There are lots of different boost controllers out there. Each operates slightly differently.

Your boost pressure depends on how much you have modified the engine. Did you put in stronger pistons, connecting rods, bearings? What is the compression ratio now? Have you raised or lowered it from stock?

If your motor is “stock” you shouldn’t run much boost unless you are willing to trash the motor and get another one. About 8 lbs boost for a stock motor. You can run much higher boosts pressures if you’ve made the proper modifications to fortify the motor.

Now that you’ve got a turbo on this stock engine, what have you done to add more fuel? If you add more air you have add more fuel. Otherwise the engine will run too lean and melt the pistons.


Boost on a 16 year old stock engine?

If you have to ask questions like that I’m afraid you’re in over your head.

I agree. You can’t just slap on a tubro and supercharger and expect everything to be a-okay. You need a bigger fuel pump, bigger injectors, and most importantly a dyno tune. If you try to run a car with forced induction on an ECU tune meant for a stock n/a application, you’ll grenade the engine in no time.

What you need to do is after you’ve had the turbo installed, you have your car towed to a shop that does custom ECU/dyno tuning, DO NOT DRIVE THE CAR TO THE SHOP.

I fully agree with circutsmith, if you have to ask the question you’re asking, you shouldn’t be attempting this.

I am guessing you got this stuff used.

I cannot imagine paying for a new turbo kit for a car at best worth $1000.

Have you tried combing the net for the boost controller makers website and see if they have some standard install information.