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Turbo SUV?

Can you install a turbocharger in the engine of an SUV? (Tahoe in specific)

Given sufficient funds, yes, although turbochargers don’t really go IN the engine.

I think it might be easier, however, to find a supercharger kit for a Tahoe than a turbocharger kit.

You can do anything, money’s the limit. That said, it’s more common to supercharge the big GM SUVs. Lingenfelter’s a good (and expensive) brand:

Whipple’s another brand:

I’ve not used either one.

Sure you could, but you’ll have better luck finding supercharger for that application.

My favorite movie quote:

“Speed is just a question of money. How fast ya wanna go?”

Why not get a factory turbo charged SUV like a CX-7 or MDX, or Forester

Because those are cars, and are not likely to be able to handle what the OP plans on doing with his Tahoe.

Except in any sort of twisty or track the Tahoe would be doing the dead coachroach while the the Forester and CX-7 would drive circles around them.

The early turbo Forester is an incredibly quick vehicle (0-60 5.2secs) in stock form.

Obviously yes. But since the OP has a Tahoe, I doubt he’s hot-lapping it around Laguna Seca. He’ probably after more towing power.

Do we know that?

My wifes Lexus can run circles around my 4runner…but I sure wouldn’t want to use it to tow our 3k lb camping trailer.

If he wants more towing power, more cubic inches would be better than forced induction.