Turbo problem

After replacing the oil trap and associated hoses and the throttle position sensor, I am told the turbo is bad and needs replacing. An additional $1500 after I just spent $800. CAN I OPERATE THE VEHICLE ON A CONTINUOS BASIS WITHOUT REPLACING THE TURBO? WILL THIS DO FURTHER DAMAGE? WHAT SHOULD I EXPECT IF I KEEP DRIVING MY MONEY PIT?

Model year?
Odometer mileage?

1998 Volvo s70 with 160M

The car is drivable without the turbo…The damage has been done…

Depends on how the turbo failed. If it’s just leaking oil past the seals the car can be driven, but you’ll have to keep your eye on the oil level. And depending how much oil is leaking, eventually it will damage the catalytic converter.

If the turbo is seized, the car can be driven but will lack power when accelerating. Because if the turbo can’t spin, it restricts the intake and exhaust of the engine.


I drove it for 50± miles blowing smoke. eventually heavy smoke. when i brought it in, the oil trap was plugged. the oil was also depleted. it needed a couple quarts asap. I am told the turbo probably failed when the oil level was depleted by virtue of the turbo bearing not recieving oil during operation. What do you think now?

A 1998 Volvo is a money pit. Don’t replace the turbo, and don’t keep the car. Sell it privately or trade it in. I owned a '98 V70XC and drove it from 162K to 210K miles over 5 years from 12/03 to 11/08. Every year there were several problems each costing over $1,000 to repair. Fuel pump, MAP sensor, yadda yadda. I averaged well over $2,000 a year in repairs and this didn’t include stuff like new tires and oil changes.

Sell it!