I have an 03 Passat with a lot of problems. My mechanic told me that the car is eating up oil because the turbo and axils have broken down. [This might be because I neglected to put oil in and was running the car without.] The cost was estimated for a new turbo between #2500-$3000. My questions are: Do I get a second opinion [and do I pay for a second opinion?] Does this nebulous estimate sound correct? Is the breakdown of the turbo dangerous to me? I dont like to have added expenses at this time; however, I probably will need this fixed after I hear from you. Also, I hear a swishing or shuddering [?] sound after I take my foot off the accelerator. My mechanic says he hears a clicking when he turn the wheel; I don`t hear this sound. Please advise me what to do. [I know nothing about cars.]

How old is your Passat, and how many miles on the odometer? Manual or automatic transmission?

If you ran the engine with insufficient oil damage to the turbocharger is highly likely, and not really a surprise. It’s also possible that the engine itself is damaged. It all depends on how little oil was in the engine, and how long it was driven in this condition.

The car’s axles have nothing whatsoever to do with the turbocharger. Are you referring to axles or to the turbocharger bearings breaking down? Is the clicking your mechanic hears related to the axle problem?

Whenever this much money is at stake it’s always a good idea to get a second opinion. Is your mechanic a VW specialist? Do you trust the mechanic? Only you can answer these questions. I’d want a VW specialist for this type of repair.

To mcparadise’s excellent advice, I want to add some thoughts.
As mcp implied, if the engine was run with insufficient oil, it is VERY likely that there is damage to bearings, cylinder walls, piston rings, etc.

As a result, replacing the turbocharger would likely be just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak. If the engine is burning a lot of oil, that would point toward damage of the aforementioned parts much more than it would point toward a damaged turbocharger.

I too recommend a second opinion from a VW specialist (not from a VW dealership). If this engine has as much damage as I suspect it does, the ultimate repair bill is more likely to be somewhere around $5,000-$6,000, and I would personally question whether a 6 year old VW is worth that type of investment, given the other problems that the car already has or will have shortly.

I suggest that when you purchase your next car, you do your research and then buy a make that is noted for reliability and durability (Hint: That will not include VW).
And, no matter what you buy, be sure to maintain it according to “the book” and to personally do regular checks of things like the oil dipstick, tire pressure, coolant level, etc.

The breakdown of turbo is not dangerous in itself except it will lead to a major engine failure and breakdown.

Basically a broken turbo will consume/leak your engine oil and/or coolant which in turn will starve your engine of its life fluids. Also if driven long enough the turbo will blow itself to bits and send those into the intake damaging the internals of the motor.

$2500-$3000 seems really step for a turbo but no idea what is involved on a Passat.

On Subaru WRX a turbo replacement by dealer(most expensive) runs about $1500-$1800.

$2500-$3000 is probably a fair price. It could be a LOT more. You neglected to check your oil (and it ran low). That is a MAJOR no-no. You can easily destroy an engine. Sounds like only the Turbo is shot.

#1 Get it fixed.
#2 Check the oil frequently.
#3 Change the oil frequently with high-quality oil and filter. With turbo’s I suggest using full synthetic.