Turbine Noise from new truck



I had a problem with my fuel injector on a 2006 F-150. It went bad, leaked fuel into my oil lines, etc. Changed fuel injector, spark plugs, oil…blah blah blah. Now, whenever I speed up or slow down (not brake, just let my foot off accelerator) my truck makes a horrible sound like a turbine spinning slower and slower as I slow down. It seems to happen when I speed up or slow down - but not based on brake or accelerator pedal. No vibrations at all, the sound is just really bad like you would hear when a turbine engine or prop spins down. Could something be wrong with an axle or bearing in a wheel? My dealer said they could not hear a sound and there was no problem. however, other people who ride in my truck comment on the bad sound. Any Help?


I can’t give you an answer to your noise problem but I am wondering why everyone who rides with you can hear the noise but the dealer can’t.

Did a tech ride with you on a test drive?

I don’t care to say this often but perhaps this dealership is trying to duck a (possible) warranty job.
Normally new vehicle factory warranties cover all drivetrain faults don’t they? If so, the manufacturer pays.

Isn’t the engine part of the drivetrain?

I hope you get this fixed before the warranty runs out. Maybe that’s what the dealer is trying NOT to do.


If it is not connected to engine RPM or breaking, I would guess maybe a wheel bearing. Can you tell where the sound is coming from, front back right or left? My other thought is possibly the transmission, maybe. Is it standard or auto? A sound like that probably wouldn’t be related to fuel or ignition components.


I had this happen to a '92 Buick Lesabre I had. I thought it sounded cool, especially since I couldn’t find any problem. However, this was the start of the water pump bearing failure which eventually appeared as coolant on my driveway.


It sounds as if the noise is coming directly from under me, possibly just in front of the driver. It as an automatic transmission. I didn’t think the sound was related to the fule injectors either, but I only noticed the noise after the repairs were done. I am thinking now the noise is related to the spinning of the tires. At high speeds the noise is not noticeable - though it may be masked by the engine. At slower speeds when I am coasting is when you hear it the most.


You didn’t mention it but do you have a turbocharger on your engine?


No, I do not have a turbocharger on the engine.


Since the plugs were changed, they should be checked for looseness. I had one come loose on a 65 289 in a Fairlane but it made a knocking sound. In addition to the water pump that was mentioned, I can only suggest that something may be rubbing on a moving part or a serpentine belt is starting to come apart and the threads are hitting on something. Sure sounds like something.