93 Tracer With Ominous Wheel Noise

I’m planning on replacing this soon, but it would really upset me if a wheel fell off or something before I can. Anyway…

Recently the car has started to make a rotary sort of noise, as in a conspicuously regular interval that speeds up as the car speeds up. What’s odd is that it only does this at low speeds - about 15mph or less. It gets louder the slower I go. It doesn’t seem to be related to whether I’m on the brakes or not. Unless my ears are deceiving me it’s coming from the driver’s side rear wheel.

It’s kind of a rubbing sound. Not sure how to describe it exactly, except it sounds a bit like the bad wheel bearing sound in the noise library on the site here except a good bit higher pitched. And insofar as I understand this at all I wouldn’t think a wheel bearing sound would go away at higher speeds.

Fix It. Most Of The Expensive Stuff Is Up Front.

You maybe have a bad bearing or some brake hardware out of place. I’ve seen hunks of rust break loose in the brake drum and do that on these Fords. Did You jack it up and spin the wheel?