Whining noise that gets louder when I accelerate



I just had the tensioner pulley bearing and the idle bearing replaced but mechanic said the noise sounds like it’s coming from the transmission where it comes into the engine. They said they had never heard the sound before. They act certain it’s related to the transission, but there is no slipping and the noise acts the same whether I’m parked, neutral, D, 2, 1. What might this be? It sounds like a bad bearing, and it is loud. They say it’s inside the transmission housing area, and recommended I take it to a transmission place. Any ideas what’s going on here and what to do? I don’t need a huge expense right now.


Take it to a transmission place.


Does it make sense that the whining sound occurs in Park as well? That’s the only thing that doesn’t make sense to me. The transmission isn’t working in Park, right?


But, the front oil pump will still be pumping oil and the input turbine shaft will be turning along with any clutch shells attached to it. Lets the transmission shop have a listen and look see.


Thanks! Will do.