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Tuning a Nissan Transmission

I know you werent criticizing. And I guess ‘handling’ refers to how it takes turns and junk. But whatever, you knew what I meant.

Exactly! “most folks”. But I dont accelerate that fast in the lower gears. Thats why I say it isnt a problem, it just doesnt fit Me per say

With my present vehicles, I really don’t think.about when the automatic transmission.shifts to the next speed. I rarely look at the tachometer.

And it does its job. But Im the kinda guy for some reason I like to know that.

That’s odd, because I always thought that people who drive slower than the prevailing speed are egomaniacal control freaks who feel the need to impose their beliefs on others. You see, if I were to accelerate at let’s say 10-11 second 0-60 clip. And you wanted to accelerate at a 16 second 0-60 rate, If I’m ahead of you at the stop light, then there’s not a problem, we both get what we want. However, if you’re ahead of me, we both have to accelerate at rate you dictate. My way doesn’t impose on you. Your way imposes on me.


Many years ago, there was an elderly man (a retired M.D., if I recall correctly) who thought that he should “make I-495 safer” by slowing the prevailing speed on that highway, and he did this by driving
in the left lane at ~50 mph. Every day, he would get into his car and circle D.C. for a few hours in that manner.

In reality, he was a major safety hazard, as well as an egomaniacal control freak.


Put tape over the Tachometer and turn the radio up and just drive the silly truck.

Problem solved :relieved:


Try Florida, slow drivers choose the left lane. People, including LEOs, pass on the right. Few know what turn signals are, or what the are used for.

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In NJ, we call them New Yorkers. :smirk:
We also have some NJ drivers who think that the left lane is for… just hanging out… but luckily at least some of our State Troopers make it a practice to force these rolling roadblocks over to the right lane.

Note: I suggest that you mute the sound if you don’t want to hear any obscenities.


I understand your dilemma, I too would prefer earlier shifts. You do know that you can manually shift the transmission.

not in my perticular truck. I doesnt have that feature

I know! haha

Can’t select the gears manually ? Are you sure about that ? Look at your shift console and it may be able to move the shift lever to the right and you can select gears. Your manual should explain that if not see your dealer to see if it will.

Ya, i know it doesnt. My granpa has a 2016 Tacoma and it does. This truck does not

Yes it does. Pull the stick all the way back and then to the right is 1st gear, then left to second, forward to third and forward again into drive. PITA way to do it but it can be done. The issue will be that once you push it into drive, it may downshift on you. All other Nissan automatic’s have a manual gate or paddle shifters

If you have an ECON button, it will lower the shift points. It will also change the idle speed.