Transmission slipping



I bought a 2002 Nissan Frontier 4 cyl and noticed it slips between 1 & 2 gear and seems worse when in traffic. It this serious enough to take in or should I drive it till something breaks?


That all depends. Do you enjoy sitting on the side of the freeway at night hoping to see a tow truck? Do you like writing out big checks to the repair shop or do you prefer really really big checks?


I,am waiting for next post car for sale a rebuild trans is $ 2800.00


Well with my supposed warranty it should cover towing and repairs but that is where it gets tricky. I am getting every kind of denial from dealer. I was hoping I could fix it myself but I can’t even find the transmission dipstick on the bloody thing and was hoping it needed fluid or a minor tune up but if it has a chance of falling out then it off to arbitration with the dealership. Man those guys know how to tell lies don’t they. Well they can’t fool me.


My first thought was fluid level also. DOes your owner’s manual shed any light on the subject e.g. the location of the dipstick, if any?