Tuning a Nissan Transmission

I was looking into HPtuners as I would like to tune the TCM in my 2019 Nissan Frontier. But I noticed that they dont work for the transmission, only the engine. Does anyone know of a tuner for a Frontier’s TCM?

Is your Nissan still under factory warranty?

If yes, do you understand that if you “tune” the transmission, doing so will void the factory warranty?

Just needed to throw that out there.


Ok, thanks. Still Id like to know

Don’t do it, the CVT used by Nissan needs TLC, not tuning. Change the fluid every 30,000 with Nissan factory fluid, and hope for the best. And do nothing that puts your power train warranty at risk, that’s BIG $$$$.


Ya? Well the thing is, My truck aint got a CVT

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You’re right, must be one of the few Nissan’s with a regular AT. That’s good. But I stick by my advice. Have you heard of any transmission tuner add ons? I haven’t.

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I dont know what an add on is. You mean that Nissan transmissions dont have a programable TCM computer? They need an add on?

I have not heard of ‘tuning’ a transmission’s TCM. Have you? What companies do this? How?

And I’m talking about stock transmissions, not those sold by speed shops for SBCs, etc.

I clearly know something that you dont. And thats that I dont know anything. What Im looking to do is reprogram the ECU to change the way my transmission behaves. HPtuners makes an adapter that connects to the ECU port and (i guess, Flashes it?) but it is then removed. Through the ECU, its changes the TCM, I guess because the TCM is governed by the ECU. I Am by no means well versed in this stuff.

Something may exist, so far all I can find is an add of n that changes throttle response. I know what you’re looking for but haven’t found anything.

Well, I appreciate it. Ive found what I want for other makes and models, but not for a Frontier.

I presume you mean reprogramming the TCM. A quick web search turned up a TSB on programming a new TCM with the right equipment but nothing for reprogramming an existing TCM. Presumably a performance shop could do it but, like everyone else, I don’t recommend it for a vehicle that’s still under warranty. Out of curiosity, why do you want the transmission reprogrammed? If you genuinely hate the truck, I suggest you live with it until it’s financially feasible to replace it.

??? You do or don’t know? I don’t know of one, but I do know that messing with the transmission programming won’t make your v6 pickup significantly faster.

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I dont hate my truck, I really like it. But I want to change the shiftpoints a dab and change the TCC. As well as things like cold Idle. Im not looking for faster pickup or more horsepower. Just better handling.

Don’t do anything until the warranty is expired. And that thing you press with your right foot will change shift points or use the manual shift feature .

I can almost guarantee that you will spend money and not get the result you think you want.


Thanks for all the advice. But let me explain myself clearly. I was wanting to Lower the shift points. I am a slow, easy driver and am not looking “Performance” like most people. I was wanting my truck to accomodate my “Ease along” mentality and not rev up so high. Also I wanted my TCC to lock up all the time after first gear. Most folks will say this limits power and acceleration. But for me it optimizes efficiency and does not require as much gas to accelerate. I find that I have more power in 5th than 4th because 4th does not lock-up and you have to give it a lot of gas to climb a hill, but fifth does it easily. Mostly my interest was simply in dabling with the idea

I don’t think you really understand how your vehicle works . It is a truck and I have driven a Frontier and you seem to be looking for a problem where one does not exist .

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Good grief people. Stop giving me advice. I can form my own opinions and make my own decisions. If you arent going to answer my question Im not interested in what you have to say

Okay, but…

I’m really curious about how re-programming the transmission would transform your truck into a better-handling vehicle.


I can easily see this damaging your transmission.

We’re not keeping something from you. You’re asking for something that apparently doesn’t exist for your truck. Sorry.

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