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i have a 1991 nissan maxima. I just recently drained the transmission fluid and added new fluid. The car drove good for 2 weeks and then the transmission will not move in any gear. Will the transmission need a rebuild or could it be a problem that will not involve rebuilding the transmission. I have looked around and i have seen used transmissions with over 100k for 550 and up. I think it is a little too much for the miles on those. The transmission in my car has 200k.

I would start by checking to make sure there is not a problem with the cable mechanism.

The tranny fluid is at the correct level? If not, perhaps the drain plug leaked after you replaced it.

Did you use transmission fluid called for by Nissan?

Did you change fluid because of a symptom or just preventative maintenance?

Yes the fluid is at the correct level. I changed it because the old fluid had a little varnish. I used dexron for the transmission fluid when i added it after the drain.

Is Dexron the fluid specified by Nissan for this model?
How many fluid changes did the transmission have prior to this one at 200k?

If Dexron is not the fluid specified for this model, that could certainly explain the current problem.
And, if the trans fluid (and filter) were not changed every 3 yrs/30k miles, it is very likely that 200k is the end of the line for this transmission.

Nice catch VDC. Dextron is generally used as a Ford fluid, and trannys can be very picky about what you put in them.

Hopefully Transman will post in. He’s “the man” when it comes to trannys.

Actually, MB, I think that Dexron is GM’s trademarked name.
IIRC, Ford uses the Mercon name for their spec fluid.
Dexron and Mercon are reputed to be similar, but I can’t confirm this.

My concern is whether Nissan actually specified Dexron for the '92 Maxima trans, or if the OP decided that Dexron is a “universal” fluid.

Yup, I goofed. Mea Culpa. I always get them Fords and Chevvys mixed up…

But, like you, I’d consider the use of Dexron in a Nissan to be suspect.

It is possible that DEXRON is recommended as DEXRON I or II is recommended for my 99 Camry 4cyl. automatic.