Tundra waterpump

My mechanic (independant, not a dealer) just informed me that my 2004 Toyota Tundra needs a new waterpump at a cost to replace/install of $1000. Does that cost sound right, or should zI check with a dealership?

A dealership should give you a price over the phone, just make sure both estimates include exactly the same things.

Wow! No intelligent answer here, just: Wow! I should be in the Tundra water pump changing business.

The Gates Timing Belt Guide states the 2004 V6 and V8 are interference type engines with timing belt driven waterpumps. The change interval is 90k/7yrs.

Does the price include changing the timing belt and tensioner along with the waterpump? If the waterpump is leaking coolant onto the timing belt, the belt should be replaced.

Ed B.

Well, I did a follow up with my mecahnic and he clarified that the price includes timing belt change, plus various seals etc. I also checked with a Toyota dealership and the price was in the asme $1000 neighborhood.