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2007 Toyota Sequoia - timing belt/fuel pump replacement

Absent any noticeable problems, how can I know for sure I should install a new timing belt and water pump. Car is 2007 Toyota Sequoia delivered new in March 2008. It had about 300 dealer driven miles on it. It now has only 48,400 miles. Dealer says Toyota recommends replacing belt at nine years or 80,000 miles. Also, says nothing wrong with water pump but should replace with belt to save on cost later when pump fails. Estimated cost to replace belt and pump is approx. $ 3,000.

There is your answer. If it breaks you will spend a lot more money. Any independent shop can do this work for less money then a dealer.

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Yeah, every 9 years is correct, so you’re overdue

Replace that water pump while you’re in there. Might also want to consider the cam- and crank seals, idler, tensioner, thermostat and the accessory drive belt(s)

But you should shop around . . . $3000 seems high

And you are now at 11 years from new. 2 years overdue. Get an estimate from an independent shop, not the dealer. I’ll bet it is less than $3000

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When I do Timing belt jobs, I always buy a kit that contains the water pump, accessory belts, tensioner, idler and any other parts involved. Much cheaper as a kit!!!

SHop around and find an independent shop as the dealers are always way too high.
Once a car is out of warranty, there is no reason to be going to a dealership.


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Agreed on getting a second estimate.

I just had the entire timing belt kit done/replaced on my 2012 Honda Odyssey this week for $800 out the door. That was parts, Labor, and also a new serpentine belt. I’d think a Toyota would be about the same price.

I was with you and dealer until that last sentence. Unless their estimate includes many things beyond timing belt, its tensioner/pulley, accessory belts, water pump and maybe crankshaft end seal, it’s far above what is reasonable.

On timing belts, dealers are often in the ball park of other repair places. Their mechanics are very familiar with the job on your engine, so they can do it rapidly and right the first time. And they use Toyota’s parts, not questionable aftermarket parts.

Duh - fuel pump, too. My oversight. Still, total bill seems excessive.

Fix your post title to water pump, not fuel pump.

I’m not the sharpest knife, I know that allready, but what fuel pump are You thinking of?
Please enlighten me. :no_mouth:


Your subject mentions “fuel pump replacement
Okay, now it’s time for me to shut up :roll_eyes:

Your subject mentions “fuel pump replacement”, but your text in your opening post only mentions “water pump”.
I assume it’s water pump, but can you clarify?

I ask because if fuel pump is also involved, that may help explain the high $3k cost.