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2002 Toyota Tundra needs a new timing belt?

I have a 2002 Toyota Tundra, 4 x 4, it has 200202 miles on it. I had the timing belt changed at about 100,000. Is it time to have it done again and about how much does that run. Thank you. Tony

The schedule is in your manual , it is listed as miles or time in months. As for cost you will just have to get estimates and probably the shop will want to do other parts as well . Like the water pump and tensioner since they are there at the same time. Giving a cost over the web is almost impossible because your location is unknown and what shop you might use.

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In my 06 owners manual it recommends a new timing belt every 85k miles. The dealership will cost you around $1100 but I had an independent mechanic in the Atlanta area change the belt and water pump for around $700.

What brand parts were used . . . ?

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