Cel blinking, poor accel and rough idle, mifire

it’s crazy cold out here in milwaukee,wi and i have a little 1998 hyundai accent. well about 2 months ago ,the cel came on and i took it to autozone and the obd computer told me 1 and 4 were misfiring. i changed the plugs and wires. it didn’t help.

now that it’s cold the whole car seems to be falling apart! cel is blinking, it won’t accelerate. and the car is shaking in idle and low speed. not only that, but now the speedometer is whirring and showing my speeds as 1.5. to 2 times faster than what they really are! what is going on?!

You will need another code scan. The speedo problem is probably not connected to the driveability issues,cold does affect cars just like heat.

A blinking CEL is generally a bad thing. It means you should not be driving. Read your owner’s manual on that one. Some blinking CEL’s mean you should be driving to a safe place to stop the car and all a tow truck.

The speedometer may or may not be connected.  Get the codes and lets go from there. (BTW plugs and wires are not the only cause of a misfire.