Tube put in tire like a bicycle? Uh-oh!


I was talking to a guy today that had an experience with a flat tire that was almost brand new. It only had about 1500 miles on it and got wood screw drove through the tread. He brought it to a small tire shop nearby that he had never been to. It was convenient because he had to be at work in a short amount of time. He stood back and watched as they put a tube inside the tire instead of patching it like it should be. The last i knew this was illegal now, is this true?


I don’t know if that’s illegal or not but all they needed to do was remove the screw and insert a plug.

Now, one shop I talked with doesn’t recommend using a plugged tire for every day use, but to use it as a spare.


Putting a tube inside a tubeless tire is likely to cause overheating and failure of the tire.


I don’t understand why they didn’t put a plug in it. It would have made more sense and probably would have been cheaper. That’s probably how they make their money is by making people buy the tubes also. Who knows. I also agree with using the tire as a spare, maybe that is why they put the tube in it, so he would only use it as a spare. With the plugs they have used for the past few years, they are much safer since they are “patched” from the inside. They say you can use them for the life of the tire.


Bad idea. That has not been the repair of choice since bias ply tyres. The problem is there is always some motion and thus wear between the tyre and tube. That can cause a leak that more than likely would be more like a blowout.

Since the puncture was in the tread area the tyre likely could have been safely repaired using a plug/patch.

If tubes were a good choice, we would see them used a lot with all those alloy wheel failures.