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Should i plug or patch my tire

I got a nail in my car, and i been looking up how to repair my tire, the most common i see is that they mostly just plug it in with a $10 droller kit at an auto part store. i was wondering do that also work on a luxury vehicle that can run flat tire? or should i go to the mechanic and spend lot of money to get it patch. please and thank you and have a happy holiday =)

If you have a run flat tire and rode on it you need to visit a shop and have the tire removed from rim and internally inspected. Find a good local tire dealer who sells your brand of tire.

A run flat can be patched but tire needs to be inspected. No matter how rich or poor I am, I learned from my cheapskate with cars father in law, do not play around with tires, brakes or muffler. They all can KILL you if neglected. He neglected cars otherwise and drove jalopy’s.

If the leak is in the tread and the tire is a normal type, a plug can often suffice. If the leak is in the sidewall I would scrap the tire. If your tire is a “run flat” type, go to a good tire shop, and don’t attempt any repair yourself.

In this situation, if you don’t repair it yourself, it will not be repaired…NOBODY wants to mess with “run-flat” tires…

The secret to successful plug repairs is that you probe and ream out the original puncture AND NOT CREATE a new puncture with the probe…So when you pull out the nail, observe it’s angle and path into the tire carefully and insert the plug into THAT hole, not a new one you made with the probe…

is near the wall of the tire, and i try to check for leak but when i put the water on it there was no bubble at all, douse that mean there no leak and should i just remove the nail and keep it the way it is? thank you all for your help =)

the safest is to take it to a tire store and let them dismount it, inspect and then put in a “plug patch”. It’s a plug with a patch at the end. best thing for the car and tire. The only negative is they will drill a little bigger hole if the nail is really tiny. I’ve gone to walmart for this (9 bucks now) and have not ever had a problem. A major tire place will charge 15-20 or more for the service. If it’s in the outer tread, they won’t patch it. You but a new tire.

So you want to give the old beater home plug treatment to a luxury car? If you can afford a Luxus, you can afford a patch. Those $10 plug kits are for hacks like me who drive an old eye sore of a car.

The only ones that leak after repair are the patched repairs. I never had a plug leak when I put one in without removing the wheel. If you have Maypops, go cheap, if you have expensive tires, you might want a less destructive repair.

The only ones that leak after repair are the patched repairs.

In the history of mankind, no tire plug has ever leaked? How would you know?

I would base my decision on the tread left on the tire, If it has a lot of tread left get it patched from the inside.if it has less than 1/2 tread a plug will do. I have had plugs leak after enough miles, the tire cracks a little either in front or behind the repair but it usually takes a couple of years or about 15000 miles for me.

Sorry, but my experience says that plug repairs leak about 10% of the time - and that includes those that leak at a later time.

I have personally had several that initially held air, then leaked many thousands of miles down the road. Plus, I’ve gathered reports from others with similar experiences.